Cold weather care for your trees and shrubs…

Unlike deciduous plants, evergreens retain their leaves for multiple years. This means dry, ugly leaves can leave them disfigured for years to come. Protecting your broadleaf evergreens in winter is essential- especially hollies, rhododendrons, and evergreen magnolias. Contact us to schedule a treatment for your broadleaf evergreens today (215-776-TREE). We will be starting our anti-desiccant treatments very soon. This liquid spray is applied just before temperatures become frigid. The treatment will reduce winter injury as it helps to seal the leaf tissue off and reduce evaporation of the vital moisture inside the leaves.

It’s also a great time for tree removals and pruning of live growth. The ground is hard, the trees are dormant, and your herbaceous perennials are gone until spring. Winter is the slow season for arborists too, so there is always a deal to be had! Sign up for our newsletter- we will be sending out a winter promotional code after the holidays.

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