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Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. It is used to remove dead branches, improve tree structure, enhance vigor, and maintain safety. Pruning of live growth is best done in early spring. Pruning to remove dead, diseased, and undesirable limbs can take place during any season.


Pruning needs to be done with the understanding that each cut affects the growth and life of the tree. Over-pruning can stunt a tree’s growth or even kill it. Improper cuts will be with a tree for life.

Trees may need to be removed for a variety of reasons. Often trees must be removed because they pose a threat to people or structures. A dead tree is a hazard that a property owner can generally identify themselves. However, there are other hidden defects that can be harder to identify but equally as dangerous. Some clues that may indicate tree disease are cavities, cracks, mushroom growth, a leaning trunk, dying limbs, and raised soil around the tree’s base.


The decision to remove a tree is not always easy. As arborists, we try to do everything we can to preserve trees. But safety should always take precedence and delaying a necessary removal can result in the tree falling or make the eventual removal more dangerous and more expensive as it further deteriorates.

Cables are installed in trees to limit the movement of weak crotches and support heavy limbs. A properly formed crotch should be “U” shaped. When a crotch is “V” shaped (usually less than 45°), it may need to be cabled. A weak crotch combined with bad weather may cause structural failure. Faulty crotches can be hard to diagnose and an arborist should be called for an opinion. Cables are not a cure-all for tree instability and trees with excessive rot or root problems may not benefit.


When cabling is appropriate, we use a cabling system that consists of high tensile steel cable, heavy-duty threaded rod, steel washers/nuts, and speed wraps or dead ends. This is a proven system, widely accepted as the strongest, most effective way to cable a tree.

Trees are a major feature in most landscapes. Trees are planted for many reasons including beauty, privacy, shade, prevention of soil erosion, and blocking noise and wind. Selecting the appropriate tree for a particular location is important. Trees may not survive if planted in the wrong location. Light and pH requirements and soil moisture are some examples of the many variables that affect the life and growth of a tree. We must also be aware of the potential of a tree to outgrow its location and desired function.


Although spring is a popular time for planting trees and should be successful as long as the tree gets enough water, fall is actually the best season for planting. During fall the sun is less intense, there is usually more rain, and the soil is still warm from the summer.

Stump grinding is the final step in removing a tree or shrub. When left in place, a stump will remain in various stages of decay for years. Grinding out stumps gives the landscape a clean look and allows space for new plantings.

We offer full-service tree and shrub healthcare management including:


  • Free diagnostics & consultations
  • Insect and disease control
  • Liquid root fertilization
  • Poison ivy eradication
  • Weed control
  • Tick control
  • Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) prevention

All of our healthcare treatments & materials used are based upon proven, tested, and effective methods. We utilize natural, biological methods & materials whenever possible.

At Shechtman Tree Care we love recycling the byproducts of tree work. Our newest, and most fun, avenue of reuse is milling. We are currently producing live edge boards, square edge boards, beams, rounds, and other wood products harvested from the urban landscape. We also track the original location of the tree that produced the wood- down to the zip code and street.

We can supply your carpenter with the wood or connect you with a woodworker to create a custom piece. Or maybe you have some woodworking skills yourself?

When you hire us to remove your tree, consider having part of it milled- imagine your beloved tree with a new life as a table, bench, or interesting garden piece. It may be time to remove your tree but it can still be a treasured part of your home or garden.

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